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Master Yang Cheng Fu


Master Yang Cheng Fu performs Yang Form and martial applications.

The origins of Tai Chi Chuan are said to date back to the 13th Centurry. The discipline was created by Zang San Feng, a Chinese taoist monk who lived on Wudang mountain during the Song Dynasty (see article Tai Chi Chuan).

Several schools of Tai Chi Chuan developed various styles over the centuries, such as Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and Zhao Bao.

The Yang style is the most widely practised in the world, it goes back to Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) who studied under Maître Chen Chang Xing (1771-1852) in Chen Jia Gou, town where the Chen style originated.
Yang Lu Chan developed the Yang style. His nickname was « the unbeatable » so great was his mastery of the Art.
He had 3 sons, namely  Yang Jian Hou (1839-1917) and Yang Ban Hou (1837-1892).
Yang Ban Hou had Wu Quan You as a student who subsequently developed the Wu style.
Yang Jian Hou had 3 sons, of whom Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936) was the first master to share the « secrets of TaiChi » outside of the family, with his students who contributed to the spreading of Tai Chi Chuan in China. In turn, he had 4 sons, namely : Yang Sau Chung (1909-1985).

Yang Cheng Fu was the master of Chen Weiming, Cheng Man Ching, and Tung Ying Jie (1897-1961).
Grand Master Tung Ying Jié is the grandfather of Master Tung, Master of our school.

Tung Ying Jié and Yang Sau Chung, the eldest son of Yang Chen Fu, officially inherited the Yang style.
Then Tung Ying Jié stayed in Canton to fulfil his dream of popularising Tai Chi Chuan.
For many years he taught all over Southern-Eastern Asia : Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Bangkok...
Grand Master Tung Ying Jié created his own style, the Tung style, derived from the Yang and Wu/Hao styles (see videos above and below).

A small precision : there are different spellings for all Chinese names, as for Tung Ying Jie : Tung Ying Kit (Cantonese), Tung Ying Chieh, Dong Ying Jie (according to Pinyin)... and he is also called the »Grandfather »..

Style Wu/Hao, open and close Taichi Form.

Taichi Masters - Chen Style and Yang Style

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"comparative pictures from Yang Cheng Fu and Tung Ying Kie"

Yang Lu Chan

Yang Cheng Fu

Tung Ying Jie --- Tung Hu Ling --- Tung Kai Ying --- Tung Chen Wei

GrandMaster Tung Ying Jie (1898-1961), who lead the way to the Yang family Tung style, developed the Fast Form and created the "Family" Form . He has left us writings of major importance, such as the’ Red Book’.

GrandMaster Tung Hu Ling (1918-1992) studied with his father Tung Ying Jie and with Master Yang Cheng Fu. He has left us superb videos, inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Master Tung Kai Ying (1941) studied with his father and grandfather. He is currently the Master of our school. He has been teaching in Los Angeles since 1971 and goes regularly to supervise practice of the style in Asia, in Europe and particularly in France. (see article "Master Tung Kai Ying")

Master Tung Chen Wei (1977), son of Master Tung, and is currently the last link of this genealogiy.


Grand Master Tung Hu Ling. Taichi slow set 1960 Bankok Thailand.
The father of Master Tung performs the 1st part of the Form.

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