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Welcome to ShanShui

“Be still like a mountain and move like the water in a river. Through practice, your legs will develop roots and you will be able to stand as still as a mountain.
One hand can turn into ten hands, ten hands into thousands, like water surging downstream in a river, it can wash away everything in its way”

Grand Master Tung Ying Jie, 1897-1961

The 10 last news

Dear All

I wish you a Happy New Year 2019, chinese Year of the Pig,

may you be fulfilled, joyous and adapt to all the changes life brings,
while being totally aware of the present moment !
Thanks to all my students for your regular attendance
and to my Advanced Students who welcome newcomers and help with informal practice in the park.

Bravo to all the newcomers who have integrated the groups.
Come rain, come shine, even snow, you are always there !
Take the time now to look back at the photos in our great 2018 album in  the Joméo photo album.

2018 was not all that simple for some, but you were always there and that was great !
I am thinking of Lucie who left us and is always in my thoughts.

Whatever happens, “practise, practise and practise again”, says Grand Master Tung Kai Ying.
Tai Chi movements are essential for our health, our well-being & eternal youth !
Some students in the 2nd class on Tuesday said it s 'immortality' !!

Get our your diaries !
and please read to the end ...

Intensive course Tai Chi Chuan at Espace Schiffers Sunday 14th April 2019

I will be on a teacher training course “MBSR – Mindfulness”
from Friday 15th February to Friday 22nd February inclusive

Standard courses will be replaced as follows :

AT PARIS, Tuesday 12th February 5 30 – 7 p.m. will replace Friday 15th February

Tuesday 12th march 5 30 – 7 p.m. will replace Friday 22nd February 

AT PARC DES BRUYERES, Sunday 10th February 9-10 30 & 10 30 – 12 noon will replace Saturday 16th February

AT SCHIFFERS Wednesday 13th February 9 – 10 30 & 10 30 – 12 noon will replace Tuesday 19th February

AT PARC DES BRUYERES Sunday 17th March 10 – 11 30 a.m. will replace Wednesday 20th February at Duflos

Courses will be held just before Spring Holidays
on Saturday 23rd February from 9 – 12 noon in the parc des Bruyères

Master Tung Chen Wei will come to give a double Master Class in Neuilly

on Sunday 31st March
10 a.m. - 1 p.m + lunch on site

It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome Master Tung Chen Wei since 2014
All students who know the Form, the Fast (Kwai Quan) & Tuishou are welcome to participate.

Link to the site for sign-up

(If you are not a student of Corinne's, contact her by mail at :

Residential course in the Ardèche, 19th - 24th March 2019

Come and re-energize!!

Outdoor practice facing the hills of the Ardèche, macrobiotic food, a total change of scenery 

Link for info and sign-up

Grand Master Tung Kai Ying, father of Master Tung Chen Wei,
will be in Saint Mandé, near Paris to give 1 class on 17th February

Cheers, tchin !




Bravo and thankyou to all who came to this very spécial Tai Chi, mindfulness and Feldenkrais course in deep feeling !

Dear all,

you are all welcome this Décember, saturday 22th at the parc des Bruyères.

It will be the last 2018 class.

Rendez vous from 9am to 12pm.

Swing, Taiji Gong, Slow set and applications, Tuishou, Kwai Quan, and knife.

See you at the parc.

If you are in vacations

I wish you a Merry Christmas .

And see you next year !

Santé, cheers, Kanpei 



Last 2018 Tai Chi class at Espace Schiffers and at the Parc des Bruyères


Tai Chi Chuan, Mindfulness and Feldenkrais course

2018, décember 15 and 16th

Espace Schiffers, Bois colombes - France

Saturday 3 to 5 PM and Sunday 9AM to 4PM

Course fee : 86,08€.


The subject of this course in 2018 December will be focus on the rotation around the axis. Rotation around the rib cage, the pelvis, the heel, globally or differentially.

The anatomical content of these courses «Tai Chi Chuan, mindfulness and Feldenkrais» comes from the teachings of Anatomy for Movement of Blandine Calais Germain.

See you soon





Dear all,

Thanks to all of you who will come to practise in the parc des Bruyères on sunday November 11th.

It will be the occasion to do a good Slow set in remembrance of  Grandmaster Tung Ying Chieh.

Born on 8th November 1897, in Xingtai City, Ren country, Hebei province in China.

It was he who invented our Style Yang Tung.

He is the  grandfather of Master Tung and the great grandfather of Master Tung Chen Wei. 

Please go to the link and read extracts of his book « The Red Book » where he recounts his Tai Chi  during Tai Chi Chuan apprenticeship.

It can be read time and time again.

Red Book

You can also see him practising in  archived videos.

In the link , hereunder, the first 4 videos are of the « Grandfather »


Enjoy the reading and see you on sunday 




Dear All,

This Friday, 18th October, will be the last Tai Chi Chuan class in Paris before the All Saints break.

You can come at 5 p.m. to warm up – exceptionally, the class will start at 5 25 p.m. because I have to finish at 6 55 p.m. Thanks for your understanding !

This Saturday, 20th October, will be the last class in the parc des Bruyères in Bois Colombes, prior to the All Saints break.
You are all welcome to come to the park between 9 & 11 30 a.m. to practise Swing, Taiji Gong, Tuishou, the Slow set and the Kwai Quan.
11.30 to 12 noon is reserved for Advance Students doing the Knife.
Everyone can bring something to nibble or drink when we have a break.

All Saints Holidays are from Sunday 21st October to Sunday 4th November.

Classes start up again at Schiffers on Tuesday 6th November.

Also note that Grand Master Tung Kai Ying will not be coming to Paris in October as planned.

He had problems getting a visa for Russia which meant that he had to cancel all his Master Classes in Europe.

See you on Friday or Saturday

Happy Holidays to those of you who have already left




Tai Chi Chuan Classes at the Parc des Bruyères - Bois Colombes

Dear all,

I hope you are on top form 

SEASON 2018/2019





Schedule and addresses on the link below

I am in the United States with Master Tung Chen Wei.

If you have any questions about the Tai Chi classes, contact me by email at

I wish you a nice end of summer and see you soon


All the best


Happy 10 years of Tai Chi class in Bois Colombes France

Dear All,

bravo to all my students for this school year !

The 2017/2018 “season” was also my 10th year of teaching in Bois Colombes.

I started out with a small class of 10 and now, with the new class in Paris, you are over 100 strong.

Thankyou Maggy & François for having contacted me in 2007 and thanks also to Annie 

who was the then person responsible for the Espace Schiffers center and who had confidence in me.

10 years, 3 levels of classes : Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

and such regular & motivated students !

Tai Chi Chuan is a discipline which requires patience, perseverance, concentration,

repetition and humility.

In chosing this practice, you decide to take care of yourself and improve you health, your stability, your memory & human potential.

By coming to the classes you also develop the pleasure of meeting, sharing, interacting and progressing together.

Thanks to all my students who were able to come on Saturday 7th July to share a festive moment in the parc des Bruyères, 

as well as those who could not make it but were with us in spirit.

Thankyou to Caryl and Nadège for the lovely cards on the theme of “Shan Shui”, “Mountains & Water”

and the very touching messages from all of you.

Thankyou also for the exceptional envelopes which will be used for the décor of the future Dojo.

Also thankyou for the beautiful books on the Tao and China, the Thai Knife and the bottle of champagne, 

the beautiful bouquet of roses, the bracelet from the Domaine du Taillé & the madeleine cookies.

You really spoiled me !

A special thanks to Vincent for the supers photos of the practice, the demos

and the so delicious picnic hereunder

which you can look at leisurely and relive the wonderful Saturday 7th July which

brought our “season” to a close.

We will be back together as of 18th September for a new Tai Chi Chuan “season” in Bois Colombes and Paris.

Have a great Summer

Tchin, Cheers, Kampai !



Beginners Tai Chi Chuan class in Paris  

Dear All

Tai Chi Mornings in the Park” the summer intensive course organised by ShanShui

starts this Monday, 2nd July

from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th July

3 levels, 3 timeslots

Remember to bring water because it could be hot and a waterproof jacket in case of rain !

For more info and sign-ups, go to the website below,

please tick the days you intend to attend.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me : 06 11 79 09 92

Friday 29t June was the last class in Paris (see photo below)

Thanks to this new Parisian beginners class for their regular participation and their motivation !

Thankyou for the lovely card and words which convey your enthusiasm and the surprise 'gift' -

you have spoiled me !

See you again in September.

Saturday 7th July will be the last class of the year in parc des Bruyères,

practice for ALL levels together from 9 – 12 noon.

Then we will have a picnic and champagne to celebrate my 10 years of teaching in Bois Co !

Please wear a black or white Tai Chi outfit & Advanced level students should bring

their Knives and licences.

Everyone is welcome !

You can invite your families, friends & neighbours to come and practise and picnic with us !

Bring dishes & puddings or a drink to share.

There will be a big tablecloth to spread out the fare.

Please remember to sign up for the next year 2018-2019

Happy Holidays to those who are going away

& for those who are still here

rendez-vous in the park Monday or Tuesday





Dear All,

Thank you to those who came to practice this Saturday morning in the park,

you gave me a nice gift to come so many and so present.

Time to get out your diaries

In June, you are all invited to attend all the classes.

 So profit and come several times per week and progress !!

As I was in training in May,

there will be catch-up classes this Sunday 10th June from 9 – 12 noon

in the parc des Bruyères.

Everyone is welcome to come but the last hour will be for Knife practice for Advanced Level students

Catch-up classes also on Wednesday 13th June from 9 – 12 noon

at l'Espace Schiffers

normal class hours : Advanced 9-10 30 a.m. & Intermediary 10 30 – 12 noon

Summer Intensive “Tai Chi Mornings in the parc des Bruyères”

Organised by ShanShui – sign-up on line

From Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July

3 Levels : Advanced 8-10 a.m. - Intermediary 10-12 noon

& Beginners 12 30 – 1 30 p.m.

Re the BEGINNERS course, please tell friends & neighbours,

who are interested in discovering Tai Chi Chuan practice.

All the pertinenent information for sign-up etc., is on the link below.

Usual courses, Tuesday 3rd Thursday and Saturday 7th July

The LAST class in Paris is on Friday 29th June from 5 30 – 7 p.m.

We will practise to music. Bring drinks & nibbles to share

to celebrate end of school year and lst year of this class.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

For the end of school year in Bois Colombes, I propose 2 dates for a picnic in the parc des Bruyères

Saturday 30th June OR Saturday 7th July

Everyone should come as it will be the occasion to 'crack open' the champagne 

to celebrate my 10 years of teaching in Bois Colombes !

All students, past and present and Tai Chi Chuan friends

are welcome to join in the festivities.

Should it rain, we can use the “Le Vigny” room next to the park,

in the Town Hall Annex.

Please tick on or other of the dates on the link below







Dear All

We are now back from a wonderful week in the Ardèche.

We were blessed by the sun and were able to practise every day in the “Open Air Dojo” facing the hills of the Ardèche.

The venue is inspirational, conducive to concentration & suited to our practice & spiritual renewal.

We practised in natural surroundings from sun up to sundown.

As a group, or solo, complete Form or subtle details, Taiji Gong, martial applications, Tuishou, total Knife Form and Knife duo, méditation – a great programme.

Bravo and thanks to Pascale, Véronique, Etienne and Gérard.

Thanks also to the Domaine du Taillé team, to Jean, Valentin, Nicole & Zora for their warm welcome to this magic place and for the delicious balanced menus, rich in colour and in taste.

We will be back in May 2019 !!

Take the time to relax and look through the photo album hereunder.

En route for a trip to this little paradise just 4 hours from Paris……





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